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Directions (Less than 2 hrs N of Boston)

Phone: (603) 664-2916
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For information about the fiber mill contact
Sallie Whitlow at 603 664-5237 or
For deliveries contact Sallie Whitlow 603 663-5237.

2017 Cria

Quantum’s Gannon (black, born 28 June out of Jay’s Quantum and Saga’s Zelda) leads the way,
followed closely by Patrick’s Palooza (fawn, born 9 July out of SFTM Patrick and Sallie’s Fen Xena)

Sebastian’s Skol (dark brown, born 7 August out of Jed’s Sebastian and Haze’s Flair)
gave the others a month head start, but is fast catching up with Palooza

2016 Cria

Rafael’s Alaska, born 12 June out of Bolero’s Rafael and Avatar’s Nevada

Xena’s Joxer, born 25 June out of SFTM Patrick and Sallie’s Fen Xena

Rafael’s Independence Day Present, born 4 July out of Bolero’s Rafael and Haze’s Flair [Sold]

First two of the 2015 cria have arrived,
and are already television celebrities, thanks to our neighbor Kimberly Haas.

click here to view the story

2015 Cria

Bolero's Flame born 5 June out of Huacho's Bolero and Haze's Flair.

Zorro's Virginia born 30 May out of Quarry Ridge Zorro and Avatar's Nevada

2014 Cria

Jay's Pepino, born 30 August out of Haze's Jay Silverheels and Sallie's Fen Inez

Jay's Pepino and Max's Rubio

Bolero's Mani, born 3 October out of Huacho's Bolero and Haze's Pocohontas

Max's Rubio, born 15 September out Zorro's Maximum Velocity and Huacho's Sheherezade

Bolero's Mani and Max's Rubio

2013 Cria

Saga's Zelda, 8/26/13 out of Cerveza's Saga x Sheherazade

Jay's Samoa, 6/25/13 out of Haze's Jay Silverheels x Huacho's Montana

Haze's Charlie, 8/15/13 out of Kilblaan Farm Haze x Amapola

Jay's Pena, 8/27/13 out of Haze's Jay Silverheels x Cerveza's Freyja

We provide award-winning custom mini-mill processing
to transform YOUR fiber into beautiful yarn and roving!

Sallie's Fen Fibers LLC in the (Rochester) TIMES! (4/8/10) Click here for link

We would love to host your Knitting Tours!
For a blog account of a recent visit (10/6/08) go here

The "Old Boat Shop" Alpaca Store at Sallie's Fen

We now have a store full of all US-made alpaca products plus our own hats and yarn in stock

Hours: Monday thru Friday 10 - 3, Saturday by appointment - call Sallie at the mill (603) 664-5237

Texas Alpaca Rugs are available for sale!

2012 Cria
Sallie's Fen Xena is out of our Sallie's Fen Inez and CCNF Onyx, born 4 June Bolero's Zeppo is out of Cerveza's Freyja and Huacho's Bolero, born 14 July Haze's Jeremy is out of Amapola and Kilblaan Farm Haze, born 4 September (left)
Jay's Quantum is out of Melissa Pena and Haze's Jay Silverheels, born 8 September
  Merlin was born 14 June out of Huacho's Victoria bred to Quarry Ridge Zorro.  

We'd love to show you our beautiful alpacas!
Also come see our handspun yarns, and hand crochet products.
- Please call or e-mail to set up a visit.

Our Excellent Blood Lines include:
Silver Celebration, Peruvian Macusani, The Silversmith, Peruvian Celebre, PPPeruvian Inca ("El Negro"), Double E Hannibal, Caballero Andante, Sinopsis Nocturna, General Schwartzkopf, Peruvian King and many others!


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